We believe that good, simple, andcustom writer honest ingredients speak for themselves.

In today’s busy working world, few people have time to cook breakfast at home. Fast food breakfasts can be found everywhere, but are generally unhealthy and loaded with calories, fat, and sugar. So what are health-conscious consumers to do?

Enter Stone Mill Oatmeal, a gourmet oatmeal shop located in downtown Chicago. We provide bowls of steel-cut oatmeal, customized with fresh fruit, nuts, and many other toppings. We also have yogurt, granola, oatmeal cookies, and fresh fruit, as well as juices, coffee, and tea.

It’s the ideal option for busy best juicers easy to clean commuters who want to grab something quickly on their way into the office, and are looking for a healthy, delicious breakfast that will keep them full.

We also have a lunch menu and snacks for the afternoon. Savory oatmeal is a popular choice, and we have hearty chili and a number of whole-grain soups, all made from scratch. With premium coffee and freshly baked oatmeal cookies, we are also the perfect place for office workers and nearby students looking for that afternoon pick-me-up.

The shop has a memorable and unique ambiance, from the reclaimed wood to the barrels and sacks of oats reflecting our focus. Our mission involves girls live chat free providing information on the health benefits of oats, as well as serving delicious and wholesome oatmeal and other simple, natural foods.